Why use a copy-editor?

People often ask me … what exactly do you do? Why would I use your editing services? I know how to write and there’s always Microsoft’s spellcheck.

My reply is simple: editing is not just about correct spelling and acceptable grammar. It’s about consistency and finding the ‘voice’ that is appropriate for your readers. It’s about communicating the right message in an effective way to your audience.

Publishing houses are not the only organisations that need editorial services. Companies, small and large, government departments, universities, non-governmental organisations as well as aspiring authors can benefit from the services of an editor.

Here are three good reasons why you should use an editor:

1. Value. Mistakes and inconsistency can be costly. An editor helps you get it right first time, on time and within budget.

2. Clear communications. Unclear communications can confuse your audience. An editor makes sure your communications are clear, concise and correct.

3. Image. Misspellings and clumsy grammar are not good for your image. Computer programs can’t replace a good editor who will help you find the right tone and style.

(Adapted from marketing material I developed for the Professional Editors’ Group)

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