It’s easier to teach a poet how to read a balance sheet than it is to teach an accountant how to write. (Henry R. Luce 1898–1967)

If you are struggling to write well and with ease, or you want to take your writing skills to the next level, the Communicating through Writing course is for you. The course distils the essence of the writing process.

We also know that the best way to learn to write is … to write! That’s why our Communicating through Writing course is spread over six weeks and combines classroom modules with email support. Designed to be immediately applicable to real work, the course gives you plenty of opportunities for practice and reflection. Ongoing mentoring and reviewing is provided through the Writing Practice.

Who will benefit?

  • Professionals looking for a comprehensive approach to developing and enhancing their written communication skills
  • Seasoned writers needing a refresher or further consolidation of existing skills
  • Employers wanting to equip staff or teams with tools and skills to enhance written communications and is suitable for any profession or business

What is involved?

The Communicating through Writing course consists of six interlinking modules that will enable participants to master the key principles of effective written communication. Each module comprises a weekly workshop. The modules are spaced out to give you optimum time for consolidation and reflection.

Week Topic You will learn:
1 Prewriting Free writing and clustering (mind mapping), and the concepts of purpose and audience. how to overcome writer’s block, structure your thoughts, and begin to get ideas/information down on paper.
2 Planning and structuring
Further exploration of purpose and audience; organising your information how to clarify your purpose, identify your audience and different ways of organising your document.
3 Paragraphs Paragraphs that flesh out the bones of your structure. how to create a coherent flow, use transitions and write logical, well-developed paragraphs and effective topic sentences.
4 Sentences Sentences that are the building blocks of writing. how to write clear sentences, recognise three common sentence errors, and understand how to make strong linking sentences/transitions.
5 Grammar Learning what not to do. about the basic grammar gremlins and some common grammatical errors
6 Style Grammar is also about style the basic elements of good style.

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