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Pilot foundation course

We are halfway through our pilot foundation course, finally putting into practice our ideas and theories. And, it is such fun! We have seven intrepid guinea pigs who are testing the course, and the feedback has been wonderful. We have already had three of the four workshops. Week 1 was all about prewriting tool and […]

Why use a copy-editor?

People often ask me … what exactly do you do? Why would I use your editing services? I know how to write and there’s always Microsoft’s spellcheck. My reply is simple: editing is not just about correct spelling and acceptable grammar. It’s about consistency and finding the ‘voice’ that is appropriate for your readers. It’s […]

The Four Ps of Presenting

On the subject of public speaking, Franklin D. Roosevelt said “Be sincere, be brief, be seated”. I say use the Four Ps: 1. Be Positive Our thoughts dictate our behaviour. So use positive self-talk (“I am going to give a powerful presentation”) and visualisation (imaging applauding audiences) to prepare yourself mentally. 2. Prepare Preparation is […]

Un vieux refrain

I wrote this ‘ditty’ for my French class at l’Alliance Française. We had to create a piece of writing that included these words: cocufier; tenir à coeur; bouc émissaire. The last verse is a little weak I think but it was great fun as an exercise! Un vieux refrain Il était une fois un mari […]

Linguistic false friends

Cognates: words that sound similar in different languages often turn out to be ‘false friends’. I found quite a number of examples in a book I was editing. Overall the book was fairly well structured and written. Yet, you could tell which chapters were written by non-English mother tongue speakers,  not so much by the […]

Musings on blogging

Will I look back on this, my first post, in a few months time and wonder why it took me so long to get around to writing it? Most probably. It is often the thought of tackling the task that seems so daunting (or should that be terrifying, to continue the alliteration). But once you […]