We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.
Malcolm Gladwell (b.1963, author of Blink: the Power of Thinking Without Thinking)

At Write to the Point, we understand that learning is about developing people. Learning to communicate effectively through the written word involves planning, thinking, communicating, exercising judgment, translating (if a second-language speaker) and making decisions. Our programmes are designed to develop critical thinkers and writers, not to deliver instruction.

Our methodology

Writing can’t be taught through the traditional knowledge-transfer method, which is appropriate for tasks based on clear rules and with a limited number of desired outcomes. Writing is a skill based on principles and practices, and these principles are not clear cut – they need to be experienced rather than taught. Therefore, in our writing course, we use tested learning methods of guided discovery and project-based learning. Our methodology uses progressive assignments that build increasingly complex skills, provide tangible demonstrations of improved thinking and writing, and allow time for reflection by participants.

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