At Write to the Point, we believe in lifelong learning. Language evolves, which means that our skills have to keep developing.  And the best way to learn more about editing is from working with other editors. That’s why we set up the Editors’ Circle, as a community of practice.

The main purpose of the Editors’ Circle is to develop members’ editing skills through discussion and practical examples, but it also provides an excuse to get together with people who enjoy debating the merits of “this” versus “that”! Finally, the discussions will help hone the Write to the Point editing standards and style guide.

Meetings are held monthly and revolve around one or two topics. The range of topics  is as unlimited as the English language. Topics range from the use of “there is” and “it is” to punctuation conventions; from avoiding the passive voice to the importance (or not) of the author’s voice; from what is Plain English to structuring paragraphs and sentences.